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A quick resolution of tax issues is critical to avoiding additional penalties, letters and action by the IRS.


Working with the Tax Man, you can expect the guidance you need to help get you through IRS or state collection processes as quickly and affordably as possible. Rely on the Tax Man’s 20 year career inside the IRS to help simplify your options. 


Some of the resolution options the Tax Man can help you with: 

  • Tax appeals: The goal of a tax appeal is to settle disputes between taxpayers and the IRS. Having a tax resolution expert on your side can help your appeal process flow more smoothly

  • Audit representation: Additional support from a seasoned tax agent can help make the audit process easier and less frightening 

  • Collection due process: Within 30 days of receiving a lien or levy notification, you can request a Collection Due Process hearing to contest tax debts

  • Innocent spouse relief: You may qualify for relief if you were unaware that your spouse or former spouse: failed to report income, reported income improperly, or claimed improper tax deductions or credits

  • IRS tax levy release: You have 30 days to challenge a tax levy in order to attempt tax resolution or pay the amount due 

  • IRS tax lien removal: Aside from paying off your debt, there are a few ways to remove a lien from your assets, including withdrawal, subordination and discharging property

  • Wage garnishment removal: Being able remove a wage garnishment is possible and can give you access again to your full pay


Contact the Tax Man today to determine what solution is right for your situation! The sooner you get started, the sooner you can move on from these stressful times. 

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