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If you have received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien or a Final Notice of Tax Levy, you can request a Collection Due Process (or CDP) hearing.


A CDP hearing is a legal hearing to contest certain IRS debts. This could benefit you if you believe you do not owe a tax that the IRS is trying to collect from you. It can also benefit the taxpayer because a CDP hearing can be used as an opportunity to set up different ways of payment if you do owe the tax, assuming you still qualify for the hearing.

  • You must file within 30 days of receiving your eligible notice

  • You must complete Form 12153 (Request for a Collection Due Process or Equivalent Hearing)

  • Make sure to carefully identify your reason for disagreeing with the IRS’s decision against you


After your CDP hearing, you will receive a written determination of the hearing from the IRS. If you do not agree with the results, you can appeal a timely filed CDP (a CDP that was filed within 30 days of eligible notice).

If you qualify for Collection Due Process, it is your legal right as a taxpayer to file for a hearing.


If you are wondering if you qualify for CDP and if it can help your tax situation, contact The Tax Man today. 


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